Hartford Athletic’s Rumored Danish Signings

With the unveiling of the new club crest yesterday, Hartford Athletic’s next big move will undoubtedly be the unveiling of several new players.  But could we have already gotten a sneak peek at some potential signings?

According to Bet365 (Denmark) – several Danish players could be joining our Danish manager Jimmy Nielsen in Hartford.

If this tweet is to be believed, four new players could be landing in Connecticut – Philip Rasmussen, Nikolaj Lyngø, Mads Jørgensen, Sebastian Dalgaard.

Philip Rasmussen is a 29-year-old midfielder that actually worked with Jimmy Nielsen during his tenure at the Oklahoma City Energy.  Nikolaj Lyngö is a 20-year-old Danish centre-back currently playing in the Danish third football tier, the 2. Division, at Jammerbugt FC.  Lyngö is considered a good defensive talent and is currently on loan from Aalborg BK.

Sebastian Dalgaard is a 27-year-old left-midfielder currently playing for Middelfart in the Danish 2. Division.  Dalgaard does have some American soccer experience, being a part of St. Louis FC and Oklahoma City Energy FC.

Mads Jørgensen is an older and more experienced player at 39-years-old.  Jørgensen is a puzzling rumor since the player has supposedly retired from professional soccer, but he might join the club as an assistant manager or player manager.

It remains to be seen whether any of these Danish players will end up signing for Hartford Athletic, but the Twitter connection could prove to be a sneak peek into the barrage of signings that is awaiting us.